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About Kip McGrath tutoring Hong Kong

Maths & English Tutoring at Kip McGrath

At Kip McGrath we offer a wide range of tutoring programs suited to Hong Kong students. Some of the subjects we cover include Get Ready for School, maths, English, spelling, comprehension, essay writing and preparation for high school exams for senior students. If your child is about to start school, or of primary or secondary school age and could use a little extra help, contact your local Kip McGrath Centre in Hong Kong today to organise an assessment.

At Kip McGrath we employ qualified teachers to ensure our tutors have the right experience to assist your child. Our tutors are passionate about helping students improve their results through tuition and are committed to this goal. The tutors' enthusiastic approach helps to make sure your child enjoys their tutoring sessions at Kip McGrath.

Kip McGrath Education Centres in Hong Kong!

  • has been helping children for over 30 years;
  • believes all children can reach their full potential with the right support;
  • helps your children in a way that builds confidence and self esteem;
  • provides maths and english tuition to primary and high school aged students in over 550 centres globally.

Kip McGrath offers an assessment which allows you and your child to experience the centre before having to commit to the service. The assessment is designed to test your child’s maths and English skills and identify areas which can be improved on. The results are discussed with you and if you choose to enrol your child, an appropriate program can be created to suit their level.

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